• Check-in: 3 pm to 9 pm.  In-person or contactless check-ins are available. Please note: Early check-ins may be charged an additional half day fee during busy periods. (Check-ins before Noon must be arranged in advance. Call office, 845-229-2443.) 

  • A credit card and Driver's License/ State ID in the guest's name are required to reserve and rent a room. At check-in, we will require the registered guest to present their credit card and ID, and sign a registration form w/ damages waiver.  A preauthorization of $100 is run in addition to the room rental (which is reversed on check-out).

  • Contactless check-in is available (required for late arrivals after 9 pm). 24 hours before arrival, we will email all registered guests a registration form and ask for a screen shot/copy of your ID in advance of arrival. (The guest should be the same person as the credit card holder.) If you plan on checking in at the desk in person, simply reply 'no thank you'.

  • Walk-in guests, without prior reservations, are accepted until 5 pm on the day of arrival.

  • It is advised you use a credit card (not a debit card) for reservations. A deposit of one night's rental will be processed on the card at the cancellation deadline (see credit card, below). Additionally, prepaid or refillable cards must have the guest's name on the credit card.

  • We do not accept third-party credit cards without a credit card authorization form / damages waiver form submitted at least three business days prior to arrival. 

  • We do not offer long-term stays, i.e. more than 5-10 consecutive days.

  • Guests are NOT allowed to bring their own hotplates, microwaves, or coffeemakers for the room.  (This may cause an overload to the fuse box and/or a fire hazard.)

  • During our high season, May through September, Friday or Saturday reservations have a traditional two night minimum on weekends and three night minimum stays on holiday weekends during the high season, May-October.

  • No more than two rooms may be booked under the same name/ address/ credit card.

  • Check-out is 11 am. Later check-outs must be approved by front desk and may involve fee.

From November to March, we may have limited availability of either room type as we start our annual room evaluations and winterization process. The online reservation/availability calendar should be accurate so refer to that as you plan your stay.   Please be advised that we close each winter for the months of January & February although you will still be able to reserve rooms for the upcoming seasons through our web site and conduct e-mail correspondence with us during that time. 

Credit Card Authorizations


An authorization hold (also card authorization, preauthorization, or preauth) is the process within the banking industry of authorizing electronic transactions done with a debit card or credit card and holding this balance as unavailable either until the merchant clears the transaction (by using the auth code in a sale settlement), or when the merchant releases it, the $ hold  "falls/drops off." Debit card authorization holds can fall off the account (thus rendering the balance available again) anywhere from 1–30 days after the transaction date depending on the bank's policy.  Most credit card holds release in 1 day but some may last as long as 30 days, depending on the issuing bank.


The Roosevelt Inn does not have the capability to void or speed the release of the bank's temporary hold on authorized funds. The Roosevelt Inn can not be held responsible for the policies of the customer's banking institution regarding the holding of authorized funds. Please note that authorization fund holds last for varying periods, depending on the issuing credit card company's policy. We strongly suggest that if such a situation arise, that the customer contact the issuing credit card company or bank directly. 


Cancellations & Changes

Our cancellation notice and reservation change deadline for:

1) reservations in May through October

      a) that include Friday and Saturday have a ONE-WEEK cancellation notice*

      b) that will arrive Sunday-Thursday have a ONE-WEEK or 72-HOUR cancellation

          notice; your confirmation will specify

2) reservations for any day in late October-November have a 72-hour cancellation notice

3) reservations for December- April have a 24-hour cancellation notice

4) external booking sites like Expedia have a ONE WEEK cancellation notice no matter the season*

*Special events have a two-week cancellation period (see below).  All high season weekends are two-night minimums and cannot be partially canceled. (Memorial and Columbus Day weekend are three-night minimums).

Confused?  The reservation clerk and/or email confirmation will specify the cancellation policy. There is no charge to cancel one room before the given deadline. To cancel, simply reply to your reservation confirmation email or go to our web site using your confirmation number to edit or cancel.   A cancellation is not final until you receive an email acknowledgment or a cancellation number.

In the case of cancellations made after the deadline or for guests who do not show up for their reservation (no-shows), the credit card on file will be charged one night's room and tax per room canceled. Re-scheduled reservations after the deadline will not avoid the cancellation fee.

Special event weekends:  Big events like the Wool & Sheep Show; all have a two-week cancellation period. Note: Group bookings will specify the cancellation period in the contract and when emailing group members' confirmations. 


No Pets

Regretfully, the Roosevelt Inn does not accept pets in the room or on the property.  If you ignore the policy, the penalty fee is $250 charge in addition to your room rental.

NOTE:  Service dogs are allowed and should be declared at time of reservation.  The ADA defines a service dog:  as a dog that is individually trained to perform tasks or do work for the benefit of a person with a disability.  The handler should retain control of the dog at all times and cannot leave it alone in the room.  (We're sorry but service dogs in-training, therapy or emotional support pets are not permitted.)


No Smoking (of any kind)


The Roosevelt Inn is a non-smoking property.  All the rooms are designated non-smoking. Ignoring the policy could entail fees up to $250. 

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